Gas Station Digital Twin System

Unified monitoring and incident management platform

Sentinel PSIM Software Platform enables centralized monitoring of both the business processes of a gas station and overall security.

Using this platform allows:
  • Efficient reuse of existing gas station infrastructure by integrating heterogeneous systems from various manufacturers into the platform.
  • Timely automated monitoring of processes and security levels.
  • Quality management of emerging incidents.
  • Generation of statistical data on relevant processes.
  • Organization of technical monitoring of gas station infrastructure.

Digital Twin of a Gas Station

Implementing a microservices architecture based on software modules and neural network detectors, each designed for specific tasks, and integrating these microservices into a unified information space enables the creation of a "Digital Twin of a Gas Station" - a digital replica of the physical infrastructure and real processes. This optimizes business operations and effectively addresses security challenges.

Core features

Applied modules and detectors include

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Unique Benefits of Implementation

  • Complete automation of monitoring across gas station networks: premises, entrances/exits, fueling areas, tank farms; retail areas and cash registers; service facilities.
  • Radical enhancement of security through automated access control to service areas, immediate response to incidents, and decision support.
  • Continuous monitoring of key operational metrics. Improved efficiency of business processes and customer service quality.