Sentinel PSIM Software Platform

Sentinel PSIM software platform provides multi-level distributed operational control and monitoring for a comprehensive security system of geographically dispersed facilities. Sentinel allows minimizing risks, maintaining continuous operation, optimizing utilization, and coordinating the interactions of services.

Sentinel Platform unites tens or even hundreds of systems including various security, video surveillance & data transmission devices, analytical modules, decision support tools, operational management, and coordination for local and geographically dispersed facilities into a single software complex.


  • Safe cities
  • Factories, plants
  • State borders
  • Airports
  • Power plants
  • Chemical industry enterprises
  • Pipelines
  • Banks
  • Mining enterprises
Main tasks and functionality
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AI video analytics for integrated security

Sentinel Platform has its own machine vision algorithms, enabling the automation of control and security tasks.

It provides complex control without a necessity to use the interfaces of third party software subsystems.

Integrated subsystems

  • CCTV, ACS, IAS, and FAS
  • Perimeter security system (including radar and anti-drone systems)
  • Building engineering system
  • Alert and evacuation management system
  • Uninterruptible power supply system
  • IT systems and electrical equipment
  • RTLS
  • In-house and third-party video analytics system
  • Technological equipment and process automation system
  • Environmental and climate monitoring equipment.

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