Oil and gas infrastructure security

Ensuring the security of oil and gas industry facilities is a task that demands convenient tools, transparent processes, and minimizing the impact of human error. Accidents or sabotage at such facilities can have extremely negative impacts on the environment, subsequently affecting public health. Moreover, the time and cost of restoring oil and gas infrastructure significantly undermine the state's economy.

Sentinel R PSIM software platform is designed to provide multi-level operational management and control over the comprehensive security system of local and territorially distributed facilities based on scenarios.

Sentinel R enables the creation of a unified information space that integrates separate departments, systems, and complex algorithms for interaction and effective situational management.

Main tasks and functionality

  • Coordination
    of departments and services interaction
  • Integration
    of disparate systems into a single information environment
  • Regulations
    Ensuring compliance with work processes and regulations
  • Data Analytics
    Processing data and identifying critical events and incidents
  • Monitoring
    of geographically distributed technical facilities
  • Visualization
    Real-time display of the operational situation on GIS maps

Digitalization of incident management

Book a demo of the system or ask a question
Book a demo of the system or ask a question
Unified Monitoring Center

  • Utilizing a single software solution for monitoring the security level of the regional network, incident monitoring and processing, as well as controlling security technical means.
  • Interdepartmental interaction in a unified information space.
  • Gathering and analyzing statistics with a complete dataset covering all processes in an automated mode.
  • Provides incident tracking and control functions through SOP automation.
  • Flexibility and modularity (allows for the implementation of tools for new business processes).

Secure Access Control and Management System for Infrastructure Objects
  • Proprietary lineup
    of secure controllers
  • Digital pass bureau
  • Facial recognition system.
    Biometric checkpoint
  • Video analytics for recognizing state registration plates
  • Intelligent video surveillance system
  • Video management system