Bank complex security

Ensuring the security of a large regional bank network is a task that requires convenient tools, transparent processes, and minimizing the human factor's influence.

Sentinel PSIM Software Platform is designed to provide multi-level operational management and control over the comprehensive security system of local and geographically distributed facilities based on scenarios. It serves as a tool to maintain the bank's safe, uninterrupted, and accident-free operation.

Main tasks and functionality

  • Coordination
    of departments and services interaction
  • Integration
    of disparate systems into a single information environment
  • Regulations
    Ensuring compliance with work processes and regulations
  • Data Analytics
    Processing data and identifying critical events and incidents
  • Monitoring
    of geographically distributed technical facilities
  • Visualization
    Real-time display of the operational situation on GIS maps
Unique advantages of implementation

  • Unified Software Solution. Using a single software solution for controlling the security level of the regional network, monitoring and processing incidents, as well as managing security equipment.
  • Unified Information Space. Departments interact within a unified information space.
  • Collection and Analysis of Statistics with Full Data Sets for All Processes Automatically. Gathering and analyzing statistics with comprehensive data sets for all processes in an automated mode.
  • Provides Incident Support and Control Functions through SOP Automation. Offers incident support and control functions through Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) automation.
  • Flexibility and Modularity. Flexible and modular (allows for the integration of tools for new business processes).

Book a demo of the system or ask a question
Book a demo of the system or ask a question

Convenient and efficient incident processing

Video Analytics for integrated security
Customer Service Process Control

  • Counting unique visitors in the branch
  • Analysis of branch overcrowding
  • Queue management in branches
  • Detection and identification of VIP clients upon entering the branch
  • Notification of responsible staff about the presence of a VIP client in the branch
  • Providing reception specialists with client information before starting a conversation to improve service quality (integration with customer database)
  • Monitoring employees' working hours.
Security Task Solution

  • Detection and identification of prohibited individuals in the branch
  • Notification of responsible staff about the presence of a prohibited individual in the branch
  • Detection of all individuals entering the branch for overall branch security and subsequent incident investigation
  • Detection of negative events in the branch (raised hands, a person lying down, shooter's pose)
  • Automatic linking of analytics events to the video archive.