Residential Complex Security

Security and privacy within a residential complex are key factors for many people when choosing a place to live. Feeling comfortable in your own apartment, house, and yard is essential.

The core of a digitally secure residential complex is the Sentinel R Unified Digital Management Platform. It provides multi-level, distributed operational control over the comprehensive security system, engineering systems, and automates incident handling based on regulations and scenarios. This platform is designed to create situation centers and can be customized specifically for residential complex processes.

Functional Capabilities of the Unified Platform

Applied Modules and Detectors
  • Sentinel R High-Level Security Management Software Platform
  • Neural Network Object Detector (based on the Sentinel ROI video analytics software)
  • Neural Network License Plate Recognition Detector (based on the Sentinel LPR software suite)
  • Neural Network Face Detector (based on the FaceNeuroVision software suite)
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Detection Scenarios

  • Residential Complex
    • Non-resident on the premises of the residential complex
    • Pose Triggers (lying down, sitting, holding a weapon)
    • Raised Hand (alarm signal)
    • Person wearing a balaclava
    • Lens contamination/obstruction of video cameras
    • Sound Recognition (gunshot, breaking glass)
  • Entry Groups / Boom Barrier
    • Attempted intrusion onto the premises of the residential complex with a resident
    • Unidentified vehicle at the entrance
  • Inner Courtyard
    • Attempted intrusion onto the premises of the residential complex via the fence
    • Attempted intrusion onto the premises of the residential complex through the entrance-exit
    • Unauthorized unloading of a vehicle in a prohibited area
    • Exceeding waiting/unloading time for a vehicle
  • Personnel Control
    • Gathering of people at the playground
    • Potential consumption of alcoholic beverages
  • Materially Responsible Person
    • Intrusion into restricted area (technical premises, etc.)
  • Parking
    • Vehicle moving in the wrong direction
    • Vehicle blocking passage
    • Incorrect parking of vehicle
    • Vehicle parked in someone else's spot
    • Parking in a restricted area
    • Wandering in the parking lot
    • Monitoring of available parking spaces
Unique Effects of Implementation

  • Complete control over comprehensive security and uninterrupted operation of the residential complex
  • Increased attractiveness of the residential complex for buyers. New sources of income for property management companies.
  • Reduction of incidents by 80–90% due to the elimination of false alarms. Reduction of incident processing time by 50% through process automation, unified management interface utilization, and improved coordination.
  • Reduction of investigation time through logging all personnel actions and data from technical means and information systems.
  • Reduction of costs associated with incident aftermath thanks to rapid response.
  • Threefold acceleration of report preparation through automated information gathering from internal systems.
  • Ensuring transparency of personnel operations. Prevention of collusion. Increased accuracy in maintenance cost planning and equipment replacement.
  • Reduction of human errors.