Airport security

Airports are vital infrastructure assets for every country, crucial for both logistics and security purposes. The airport security system is designed to prevent potentially dangerous situations related to entry and exit from the country: protecting the airport building and aircraft from potential threats, ensuring the safety of people using air transport services, and safeguarding the state and its citizens from terrorism, smuggling, and criminal activities.

Sentinel R is a PSIM Software Platform designed for situational management. Sentinel R enables the creation of a unified information space that integrates separate departments, systems, and complex algorithms for interaction and effective situational management.

The platform provides the establishment of a multi-level system for operational management and coordination of activities in real-time by territorially distributed border mobile and stationary posts and monitoring centers, organizationally having various degrees of subordination, responsible for the protection and security of the airport.

Digitalization of security systems

  • Coordination
    of departments and services interaction
  • Integration
    of disparate systems into a single information environment
  • Regulations
    Ensuring compliance with work processes and regulations
  • Data Analytics
    Processing data and identifying critical events and incidents
  • Monitoring
    of geographically distributed technical facilities
  • Visualization
    Real-time display of the operational situation on GIS maps


Book a demo of the system or ask a question
Book a demo of the system or ask a question
Automated Migration Information System & Automated turnstiles at boarding gates
  • Control and Prevention of Offenses
  • Ensuring national security and public safety by improving immigration and registration accounting
  • Identification of arriving foreign citizens. Enhancing border control efficiency.
  • Improving compliance control by foreign citizens and stateless individuals with state legislation requirements
  • Automated Access Control.
Video Analytics for Integrated Security
Video analytics for area control

  • Detection of a person entering or leaving a selected zone
  • Detection of line crossing by person / vehicle
  • Detection of a vehicle entering or leaving a selected zone
  • Detection of a person that isn’t wearing a helmet
  • Detection of a person not wearing a uniform
  • Detection of a person that fell
  • Tracking the personnel on site.
License plate recognition

  • Recognition of license plates with time-stamping
  • Instant notification of the operator when a car from the prohibited/permitted list passes
  • Organization of access control with the use of barriers/ gates
  • Real-time signal output to external information systems.
Takeoff and Landing Control System

This system is designed to monitor aircraft takeoffs and landings in real-time. It utilizes video surveillance technology and artificial intelligence.

  • Detects and tracks aircraft on the runway and in airspace during takeoff and landing, day or night, and in poor visibility conditions.
  • Offers thermal imaging to monitor aircraft for potential overheating/fire hazards.