Signatrue Biometric identify verification system

Signatrue is an advanced user verification service. The algorithm is based on the biometric parameters of a person's face.

During the registration process in the system, the algorithm creates a neural network representation of the user's face on the server, which serves as the reference identification data for that individual.

Core Features

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How does it work

User Registration

  1. The SignaTrue algorithm creates a neural network representation of the car-sharing user's face only once.
  2. This neural network representation becomes the standard identifier of the person.
  3. The standard facial image can be either a photograph from an official document or a new photo of the person.
Verification Request

  1. When the user opens the car-sharing mobile application to rent a car, the SignaTrue algorithm automatically initiates the verification process.
  2. The front camera on the smartphone is activated to capture the user's face. Thus, SignaTrue evaluates the similarity of the face with the standard neural network representation.
  3. The user is prompted to perform several simple head movements in an unpredictable sequence in real-time. This way, SignaTrue completely eliminates the use of displayed faces on devices or photographs (Face Anti-Spoofing).
Data Processing

The SignaTrue service processes all incoming data from the car-sharing mobile application in real-time and makes decisions based on the following criteria:

1.Similarity of the face with the standard data of the system's user.
2.Verification of the correct execution of the head movement sequence.
3. Exclusion of identity fraud by preventing face demonstration on media.

If all the accepted data aligns - the user is verified.