Sentinel ROI Video Analytic solutions for integrated security

Sentinel ROI is a complex of machine vision algorithms embedded into organizational production processes enables the automation of control and security tasks, the objective evaluation of business efficiency, and the provision of statistical data using deep learning methods and highly accurate neural networks.
Video analytics for area control

Sentinel ROI is intended to detect people and different vehicles, zone enter and exit, line crossing and counting

  • Detection of a person entering or leaving a selected zone
  • Detection of line crossing by person / vehicle
  • Detection of a vehicle entering or leaving a selected zone.
Video analytics for industrial safety

The system helps to control the operations of employees and their compliance of work and safety regulations

  • Detection of a person that isn’t wearing a helmet
  • Detection of a person not wearing a uniform
  • Detection of a person that fell
  • Tracking the personnel on site.

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  • Industrial objects
  • Airports, sea ports,
    railway stations
  • Warehouses, logistics
  • Offices
  • Banks