Sentinel LPR License plate recognition

Sentinel LPR allows to automatically detect and identify number plates. All recognised number plates are stored in a database.
Sentinel LPR operates with any IP camera that has suitable image quality and resolution for operational conditions. The system is not tied to camera manufacturers.
Core Features

  • Recognition of license plates with time-stamping
  • Instant notification of the operator when a car from the prohibited/permitted list passes
  • Organization of access control with the use of barriers/ gates
  • Real-time signal output to external information systems
  • Integration with Sentinel and Sentinel VMS platforms
  • Support of state license plates of any countries.
Key benefits

  • The algorithm's work is not tied to various types of license plates from different countries
  • Advanced GPU data processing algorithms with low computing power consumption
  • Per-channel licensing policy without restrictions on usage duration, detection count, or license plate database size.

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  • Car number places fixation

  • Object access control

  • Automation of business processes at petrol stations, parkings, toll roads